Business Courses

Our courses span seven key areas relevant to those working in a political or corporate environment, with each course specifically designed to build confidence, enhance your knowledge and equip you with valuable skills.

Upcoming Business Courses

Chairing Meetings Effectively

Chairing meetings is a key skill needed by Directors and Senior Executives, this course develops the necessary skills and techniques to do so.

Available dates: 3 February, 8 June, 12 October

Effective Board Decision Making

This highly interactive programme will give delegates an opportunity to re-vamp their own decision-making processes by using governance best practices to help future proof your company.

Duration: 1 day
3x 90 minute sessions.

Virtual available dates: 13 February, 9 October

Face-to-face available dates: 26 June

Effective Networking Skills

For Directors and Senior Executives who are keen to develop skills and techniques enabling more successful networking.

Available dates: 23 June, 13 September, 7 December

Effective Public Speaking and Presentation

This highly engaging and interactive course will give participants the opportunity to structure themselves and information in an authoritative and entertaining way and deliver it clearly and concisely.

Available dates: 16 February, 21 June, 18 October

Introduction to the Directors Role

For aspiring and existing Directors, this course develops key skills and refreshes knowledge, enhancing executive presence while elevating your mindset.

Virtual available dates: 23 January, 24 July

Face-to-face available dates: 17 April, 23 October

Keys to Personal Success

Unlock the potential of your skills and expertise with this results-focused course, shaped around the demands of Director and Senior Executive roles.

Available dates: 15 March, 26 July, 22 November

Negotiation Skills and Techniques

This highly engaging course will enable you to understand and apply a set of processes, styles, and tactics to achieve successful outcomes and develop productive business relationships that will save you time, money, and even your reputation.

Available dates: 8 March, 5 July, 2 November

Role of the Finance Director

This course provides an opportunity to gain insights into a Finance Director’s responsibilities and equip yourself with the essential knowledge to apply within the role.

Duration: 1 day

Virtual available dates: 20 March, 25 September

Face-to-face available dates: 20 June

Role of the Non-Executive Director

For aspiring and existing non-executive directors, venturing into the next stage of their careers.

Virtual available dates: 6 April, 19 October

Face-to-face available dates: 17 January, 18 July

Sustainable Strategies

This highly interactive programme will give participants the opportunity to reflect on their strategic capability and how to sustain and grow their business.

Virtual available dates: 27 February, 4 September

Face-to-face available dates: 22 May

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