Role of the Finance Director

This course provides an opportunity to gain insights into a Finance Director's responsibilities and equip yourself with the essential knowledge to apply within the role. Duration: 1 day Virtual available dates: 20 March, 25 September Face-to-face available dates: 20 June

Finance for non-Financial Directors

Director Development Programme 2023 >> Finance for non-financial directors Why should you attend? All directors (executive and non-executive) are personally and jointly responsible for all the decisions taken by the board of which they are members. Many of their decisions relate specifically to finance or have a financial impact and these...

Strategy and the Board

Director Development Programme 2023 >> Strategy and the board Why should you attend? There are different kinds of boards and board styles that exhibit different methods of management and direction. We want to give you practical exposure to many of these and ensure that you leave the course ready to...

Leadership and the Board

Director Development Programme 2023 >> Leadership and the board Why should you attend? Organisational Leadership involves a much larger scope of responsibility than traditional management. One of the board’s primary roles is to develop the organisation’s strategy – the direction and targets for the organisation to achieve in the future....

Role of the Company Director

Director Development Programme 2023 >> Role of the company director Why should you attend? Every company should be headed by an effective board, which is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the company. There should be a clear division of responsibilities between the positions of Chair and Chief Executive,...

Director Development Programme 2023

For Directors and Senior Executives who are keen to develop skills and techniques enabling more successful networking. Available dates: 23 June, 13 September, 7 December

Sustainable Strategies

This highly interactive programme will give participants the opportunity to reflect on their strategic capability and how to sustain and grow their business. Virtual available dates: 27 February, 4 September Face-to-face available dates: 22 May

Effective Public Speaking and Presentation

This highly engaging and interactive course will give participants the opportunity to structure themselves and information in an authoritative and entertaining way and deliver it clearly and concisely. Available dates: 16 February, 21 June, 18 October

Negotiation Skills and Techniques

This highly engaging course will enable you to understand and apply a set of processes, styles, and tactics to achieve successful outcomes and develop productive business relationships that will save you time, money, and even your reputation. Available dates: 8 March, 5 July, 2 November

Introduction to the Directors Role

For aspiring and existing Directors, this course develops key skills and refreshes knowledge, enhancing executive presence while elevating your mindset. Virtual available dates: 23 January, 24 July Face-to-face available dates: 17 April, 23 October

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