College Green Group Academy have joined the Armed Forces Covenant

Last month, College Green Group pledged their allegiance and signed the Armed Forces Covenant to honour our commitment towards those who serve or have served our nation. It is a promise to those who have dedicated their career to our security, and that they are able to enjoy the full prosperity of the society they served to protect. We are proud to give equal opportunities to veterans who have chosen to transition from the Armed Forces to a new career as a civilian.

Progressing from the Armed Forces can be an intimidating journey. Many have struggled to find the motivation and direction after a highly intensive and structured career. Some are still dealing with physical or mental issues; whilst others struggle to find suitable employment. With thanks to the Armed Forces Covenant, 84% of service leavers have reported to have been employed within six months of leaving service. However, only 14% of them have been employed within professional occupations. 

One of our tutors, Sally Newnham, started her career in the Royal Air Force, and now works with many private and public sector companies. She provides training, events, and practice-led support to help those she works with to be at their very best, especially in areas of leadership and human relationships, and she still remains an RAF reservist alongside her other duties.

We believe that the values that make for a successful career in the service, such as: discipline, integrity, loyalty, and respect for others, are all invaluable traits for professionals. With the correct guidance and training, these skills can be transferred, allowing great military leaders to become great managers, directors, and social leaders. 

We want all of our veterans to have the career opportunities they deserve, and will be offering a discretionary discount for all courses and coaching provided by the Academy, including their families. Our training courses combine a leading understanding of both the political and business worlds with unrivalled expertise in C-Suite level training and coaching.

Please feel free to pass on to any friends and colleagues whom you feel will benefit from our support.
Thank you.

Peter Pickin
Director of Professional Development

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