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Course dates: 24 May,  11 Jun  |  Duration: 1 day

Constituency Community Communications Part One

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Understanding, networking, consulting and communicating repeatedly on relevant local community and national issues are all fundamental ingredients to being an outstanding parliamentary representative. Regular communication and visibility within your constituency is a vital part of all that. As the elected incumbent it is your duty to represent every single one of your constituents all year round. One key element of that representation is to stay in touch and create a regular two-way dialogue with local people.

This course is divided into three separate parts with this being the first of those three integrated segments. Aimed at all Members of Parliament, and their parliamentary staff, whatever type of constituency they represent whether it be rural, suburban or urban – looking after people’s concerns and helping to address their key issues is vital to being a first class Member of Parliament.

Course features and benefits

This course focusses primarily on local written communication with all your constituents. There is helpful expert advice of how to draft literature, how to brand it attractively, the type of print to use and how to make the content relevant to those who read it.

There are many forms of literature based publicity and each has its advantages and its negatives. The bottom line is that this is a medium that is far too often over-looked by incumbents, and yet it still has a massive part to play in staying in touch with your residents. Come and join us and ensure that you are recognised as one of the key opinion formers locally – as well as someone that people can turn to when in need of help.


  • Hints on drafting effective literature
  • Consideration of the types of communications
  • Advice on how to design your communications
  • The uses and advantages of Surveys
  • How to utilise petitions for the good of the community
  • Creating a Quarterly or Annual Report
  • The benefits of tabloid newspaper production
  • The importance and deployment of newsletters
  • Advertising and sponsorship
  • Contact cards and welcoming new residents

Course objectives

  • Ensure you are communicating via every means possible. Not just via the easiest method
  • Create a genuine two-way vehicle for staying in touch with local views
  • Make sure that your literature is read and not put straight into the bin
  • Provide comfort that, even if a person’s political views are different to your own, they will always feel confident seeking your help. That can only come via building trust through regular communication

Course leader

Richard Murphy

Richard has over thirty years experience in grassroots parliamentary voluntary community organising, campaigning and fundraising.

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