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Course dates: 26 May,  25 Jun 2021  |  Duration: 1 day

Constituency Community Communications Part Three

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Understanding, networking, consulting and communicating repeatedly on relevant local community and national issues are all fundamental ingredients to being an outstanding parliamentary representative. Regular communication and visibility within your constituency is a vital part of all that. As the elected incumbent it is your duty to represent every single one of your constituents all year round. One key element of that representation is to stay in touch and create a regular two-way dialogue with local people.

This course is divided into three separate parts with this being the third of those three integrated segments. Aimed at all Members of Parliament, and their parliamentary staff, whatever type of constituency they represent whether it be rural, suburban or urban – looking after people’s concerns and helping to address their key issues is vital to being a first class Member of Parliament.

Course features and benefits

All three parts of this course are fundamental but if you don’t know how to write a definitive strategy, that lives and breathes, you will be failing. Learn how to fashion the strategy and what might go into it and with what timelines.

More and more MPs base key members of their staff in a constituency parliamentary office.  Is that a sensible idea and how can you make the very most of it should you embark on that strategy? This course will explain how to obtain “best bang for your buck” with a local team.

Finally, there is an old saying in politics … “if you cannot deliver your message – you have no message”. How right that is! By the end of your day with Richard, you will know exactly how to organise the regular voluntary delivery of your publicity … constituency-wide.


Introduction and Course Objectives

  • Whatever you seek to achieve, a written strategy is key
  • Strategy and tactics are different beasts. Without organisation can be profitably implemented
  • Make a difference in your constituency now. Not next year
  • Communicate door to door regularly – it is hugely valued
  • How to construct and maintain a reliable delivery network
  • Why telephoning residents and special interest groups works
  • The advantages of a pro-active constituency based office
  • “A Day in the Life” at grassroots level for all the office team
  • Utilising specific direct mail correspondence door to door
  • Running neighbourhood campaigns. How it should work…

Course objectives

  • The role of an MP is constantly evolving. They, and their staff, must adapt with that evolutionary process
  • Professionalism and effectiveness needs planning. You have to plan your work and work your plan
  • The objectives of this course include really thinking past tradition and past conventional standards and protocol
  • Together we will examine the public need and how we can acquiesce
  • MPs are elected to help make a “difference”. By the end of the day, attendees will know how they can empower that “difference” for it to become a genuine reality

Course leader

Richard Murphy

Richard has over thirty years experience in grassroots parliamentary voluntary community organising, campaigning and fundraising.

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