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Course dates: 4 June  |  Duration: 1 day

Constituency Fundraising Techniques

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Even with the quite excellent support which IPSA provides there will always be countless nonpartisan based projects within a constituency for which Members of Parliament will require extra funding. The taxpayer’s purse is necessarily finite but a Member of Parliament’s incumbency work in local communities and neighbourhoods is never done.

This course assists Members of Parliament and their staff in focussing on local fundraising efforts – both large and small – so that no stone has to be left unturned, due to funding constraints, when trying to represent your constituents properly.

Course features and benefits

When raising monies for non-partisan communications projects, you cannot always turn to your local party activists to assist – and sometimes it is absolutely not appropriate to do so.

This course explains how you find community-based volunteers to help you with your fund raising exploits and also provides detailed real-life practical examples that you can deploy at different times of the year.


  • The key facets of raising money successfully
  • Guidance on maximising your potential fundraising
  • How to enrol competent and experienced volunteers
  • What skills do you need to recruit amongst your team?
  • Which types of fundraising should you deploy, at what time of year and with what lead time?
  • Considering the logistics of a large fund raising dinner
  • How to run a community 200 club
  • The secrets to running a Fete or Jumble Sale
  • Finding sources of prizes for the “infamous” Raffle!
  • Promoting your events within the community
  • Overview of compliance rules
  • Matched donations and donation platforms

Course objectives

  • Generating community spirit is a vital facet when raising money with the help of volunteer teams
  • The development of a clear Strategic Plan is key to the financial success of even the smallest event
  • Demonstrating the need for strict budgeting and ensuring a good profit
  • Fundraising can be fun but it takes time and commitment. The objective is always two-fold. Community engagement and cohesion, as well as meeting your financial goals and potential uses of reported information

Course leader

Richard Murphy

Richard has over thirty years experience in grassroots parliamentary voluntary community organising, campaigning and fundraising.

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