Director Development Programme 2023


Our Director Development programme offers a comprehensive and practical experience, created by world-leading board experts that have decades of experience helping business leaders thrive and grow within their current and future roles.

As a director, navigating challenges whilst keeping your business operating legally and effectively can be difficult. Whether you’re an experienced director, or just starting your first appointment, understanding what is expected of you in your role is vital to staying on top of your responsibilities.

You may also meet a diverse range of delegates that operate across private, public and charitable sectors, and so these peer-to-peer learning experiences will offer different perspectives, the ability to network and share similar challenges with real-world outcomes.

We work in an ever-changing environment, so we offer all of the modules in our programme in a virtual or face-to-face capacity.

Programme module outline

  • Exploring the role of the company director
  • Handling finance as a non-financial director
  • Strategies for creating an effective board
  • Leading a board of directors.

What does the programme cover?

With the support of our expert team of tutors, the Director Development programme will not only help you reflect on your own decision-making processes and strategies, it will also introduce you to new ways of working based on sound governance and best practice.

Using your existing knowledge, the tutors can contextualise the course delivery to hone your functional skills in order to act as an inspirational and highly effective company director.

Central to the programme is understanding what makes a good board, so we will help you to:

  • Discover your director competencies and weaknesses
  • Build your board and differentiate between governance, direction, management and ownership
  • Know when to act collectively as a board, and when to refrain
  • Improve boardroom equality and diversity of opportunity
  • Boost organisational efficiency by learning how to empower board members effectively.

Who will deliver the course content?

Our tutors will develop your understanding of risk management, so we will focus on:

  • How a risk assessment can be conducted effectively and how performance of the company can be monitored and reported
  • How to identify the risks facing your company and how to manage them

Growth is important. The challenge of doing the basics well also supports a company’s continued growth. You will learn how to:

  • Review the capabilities of your organisation when it comes to delivering its strategic objectives
  • Apply a structured framework, to assess the financial performance of your organisation
  • Improve and build your organisational capabilities for future success
  • Increase your decision-making skills, and your knowledge of creativity and analysis
  • Ability to determine organisational performance accurately and continuously

You will also gain knowledge of how values, integrity and ethics can be upheld and championed – including how CSR can be integrated into company operations.

Why choose College Green Group?

Because we have been there and done it. 

  • When you attend one of our courses you will feel the benefit of over 20 years of experience in course delivery and content

Because we collaborate with our tutors.

  • We keep our courses up-to-date with the relevant topics that are being discussed during the courses.

Because we know how much board-level training costs.

  • We want more directors to reach out for support by attending our affordable courses.

Because we’ll understand your industry sector.

  • We have an extensive network of tutors that have an expansive knowledge of different sectors, which helps to tailor any private group training or coaching.

Because we are trusted advisors. 

  • We do not treat any situation with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Because we focus on delivering results. 

  • We care about what adds value for you and your organisation.

Because we are adaptable. 

  • We deliver our courses face-to-face and through various online platforms.

Because we are international. 

  • We have addressed the needs of clients across varying cultural backgrounds – especially in Europe, USA, Africa and the Middle East.

Programme modules

Role of the Company Director – 2 days

Face-to-face dates: 28-29 November

Finance for non-Financial Directors – 3 days

Virtual dates: 4-6 December

Strategy and the Board – 2 days

Face-to-face dates: 9-10 November

Leadership and the Board – 2 days

Virtual dates: 26-27 October
Face-to-face dates: 26-27 July, 30 November – 1 December

You can book the programme in full, or buy each module individually. We are keen to create the best package that works for both you and your organisation’s objectives.

Full programme cost: £3,995 + VAT