Leadership for better schools

Course overview

Schools have a crucial role to play, but there are too many schools where low expectations, underachievement, poor pupil behaviour, and a lack of engagement have too often been commonplace.

This need not be the case. With our education courses, our team can help you thrive and achieve highly, where you can insist on high standards and create a “no excuses” culture based on the right core ingredients – pupil behaviour, teaching & learning, and high expectations. 

Outlined strategy

  • Vision /goal/purpose – Central to school improvement is that schools need to know where they are trying to get to, before they decide how to do it.
  • Leadership and organisation – are they fit for purpose?
  • Pupil behaviour – must be a strength.
  • Teaching and learning – lessons must be engaging, stimulating and, above all, effective.
  • The curriculum – is it fit for purpose?
  • Literacy – the key to accessing the rest of the curriculum.
  • Staffing – in an era of staff shortages, especially in certain subjects and in certain areas of the country, schools must attract and retain the best staff (without having the money to increase salaries).
  • The whole person – Sport, music, drama, trips etc are all crucial for improving engagement and motivation.
  • Parents – since youngsters only spend 17.5% of the time in school and 82.5% outside of it, schools will only be truly effective if the same messages/expectations/ambitions are espoused in school and at home.

Learning outline

Course Features

  • The training is practical and based on very real experience
  • Whilst they may contain some theory, the courses are based on what really works
  • The courses are all tried and tested, with very positive feedback
  • Courses are all up to date, eg with Ofsted or Safeguarding guidance etc
  • The experience on which they are based is very varied – grammar school/comprehensive, inner city/rural, high achieving/struggling
  • The courses are very adaptable in terms of length and of the audience – they can be short one/two-hour presentations or a full-day training course; they can be tailored for whole staff groups or for specific groups eg senior leaders, middle leaders, pastoral staff, classroom staff etc
  • The courses can be run on-site or off-site at a chosen venue
  • The courses listed are those being currently offered: specific, bespoke training on other required topics can be prepared and delivered as required.

Course leader

Tim Clark

Tim has taught in a wide variety of schools: town/rural/inner city; single-sex and co-ed; selective grammar and comprehensive; LA and academy, and has been an incredibly successful Head for 18 years. He first led a coasting school to be “outstanding” in all areas, and subsequently “transformed” (Ofsted 2017) a challenging academy sited on one of the largest and most deprived council estates in the country.
Tim has an impressive wealth of experience and has run training courses for school Heads around the world. 

How to book

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