Role of the Chair

Course overview

Chairing a Board of Directors requires a unique set of skills to operate at a world-class level. A great Chair must harness the decision-making skills of the directors and lead the board to a harmonious conclusion. All this needs to be done, whilst ensuring adequate and robust debate, remain objective and simultaneously sympathetic to the needs of the business and stakeholders.

The best Chairs will also have an innate understanding of governance, have a calm head, and ensure the board can envisage the future of the business. There are a number of critical factors that turn the ordinary board into an extraordinary and exemplary board.

The Chair should also ensure the organisation is managed effectively, whilst being confident that effective policies and procedures are in place. Further responsibilities include supervising and supporting the CEO and representing the business as a figurehead.

This course is designed to fine-tune leadership and the governance skills of the Chair, and is aimed at Chairs with extensive boardroom experience and those preparing for this role.

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Features and objectives

This course provides a unique opportunity to gain a clearer insight into your boardroom role and responsibilities, how to fulfill them effectively, and how to improve your personal contribution as Chair.

It will also enable examination of your influence and effectiveness and how these support the broader corporate aims of your organisation.

Learning outline

This course will cover the following:

Chair’s responsibilities

  • What is the role of the Chair, both inside and outside the boardroom
  • The key qualities that make you a successful Chair

Executive presence

  • How to understand the business you Chair
  • How to successfully manage an effective debate within the boardroom
  • Tips on how to enhance your current skill set and become the best Chair you can be

The relationship between the Chair and the CEO

  • Key management of the Chair and the CEO

Board performance

  • Board evaluation

Building your board candidate pipeline

  • The importance of board induction and development

Course leader

Jo Haigh

Jo Haigh is a CEO and an experienced dealmaker, a regular presenter on corporate governance, and a specialist with mergers and acquisitions for prestigious organisations across the UK and Europe.

Winner of many awards including The Sunday Times NED of the Year award in 2013, she has been the best-selling author of books such as “Keys to the Boardroom” and “How to be a world-class Non-Executive Director”. 

Jo also founded OnBoarding Officers, an accelerated non-executive director programme specifically for senior military officers. She also provides board support via her NED and Chair appointments across England and the Isle of Man.

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