How necessary is a social media strategy?

There are 8bn people on this planet. Of which there are 3bn Internet users, and nearly everyone of them has at least one active social media account. Social media is a living and constantly evolving forum for debates, advertisements, and announcements. 

Imagine what you could do, if you used it correctly and harnessed its potential to use as a part of your broader business strategy?

College Green Group Academy is now running an informative Social Media Strategy course in November to provide delegates with the tools and knowledge of how to craft an effective strategy. Digital and social media expert Martin Thomas, will teach you how to promote your brand, how to respond to comments and negative feedback, and put in place an effective operation to measure effectiveness.

What is a social media strategy?

Many businesses may find creating and distributing content easy, however they are stumped by the minimal engagement, and as a result, the strategy ends up in the bin.

But maybe you just needed to change your methodology in order to enhance your business’ digital footprint? Or maybe you need to question just how important and influential a social media strategy is, rather than delegating responsibility to a young intern?

Why have a social media strategy?

From increased brand awareness to better customer service, a good social media strategy should be an important cog in the wheel of all other aspects of your business:

Reputation: Creating an active social media strategy offers you more opportunities to portray yourself online. Maintaining your brand image is crucial and if it is managed effectively, can boost your reputation in the eyes of consumers or clients.

Customer service: Having a social media strategy usually allows consumers to connect with your business. Blogs, post engagement, or publicising an event can all showcase the operations of your company, and with the rise in popularity of AI bots within social media chat boxes, your company can gain further presence for customers to ask questions and leave feedback.

Business Efficiency & Convenience: A survey of 15,000 customers across 12 countries by PwC in 2018 found that roughly 80% value business efficiency, whilst around 77% value convenience. Social media provides both. 

Advertising: Budgeting for online marketing currently stands at 12.6% of the company’s overall budget on average (as of June 2020). Advertising on social media is only increasing and accounts for 46% of all company advertising. At present, 91% of marketers advertise on Facebook, with half of this figure doing so on LinkedIn. Building this awareness on the social media market boosts consumer confidence and will later lead to more success.

Social media is a great tool to spread your company’s message – and make sure it is heard! 

College Green Group Academy is launching this course on 25-26 November and will be delivered over two half-day virtual sessions. Contact our team today to find out more.

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