Inspirational Leadership

Course overview

This course is aimed at directors and anyone who wants to create a real impact through their leadership and leadership style. We will explore who we are, as people and leaders, how we may be perceived, and find ways to work with our wider teams to identify that shared vision. You will learn the importance of empowerment and delegation, as well as governance and goal setting.

How we handle the complexities of human relationships really is key to determining the impact of our leadership. Effective teams harness the skills, talents, and personal attributes of each person. They also create and maintain a positive culture, structure, and processes.

Effective teams are led by Impactful Leaders.

We live in a world where facts are ‘free’. There are over 100,000 leadership books available to buy on Amazon, so we will not be focussing on the theory, but we will be interactively exploring our own and collective leadership experiences, the comfort zones, and the areas where we wish to improve. We will use some theories and well-known frameworks to supplement our development during the course to give us something to refer back to as we continue our leadership journey.

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Features and objectives

You will reflect, revisit, and refocus on creating the greatest impact through your leadership

You will learn from others and share your experiences/ideas for others to learn from you

You will create a personal action plan

You will explore case studies to identify what good looks like

Gain space and time to focus on yourself and your leadership

Participation in this course will enable you to:

• Reflect on your values, beliefs, and behaviours and how they impact your leadership
• Explore your leadership comfort zones and challenge areas, building a personalised action
• Improve your leadership to create impact
• Develop ideas to empower and enable the team
• Be curious about your organisation, your place within it, and how to improve governance

Learning outline


• Creating a network with others who are also on “the journey”

Goals and Curiosity

• Setting your personal goals for the course and how to be curious
• Comfort Zones and Challenges

Position, power, and purpose

• Who am I as a person and a leader?
• Values, beliefs, and behaviours and why they matter
• How am I seen as a leader?
• Understanding the importance of values, vision, and identity

Moving from “Me” to “We”

• What makes a high-impact team and to keep it that way
• Exploring and creating a combined purpose, vision, and identity for impact
• Roles and Relationships
• How group dynamics can improve or negatively impact on decision making
• Who do we follow and who follows us? (a critical role of followership)
• Governance – what does it really mean and what does good look like?

Making an impact through communication

• The importance of using the right language for the right impact

Review and reflection

• Personal action planning

Course leader

Sally Newnham

Sally Newnham started her career in the Royal Air Force, and now works with many private and public sector companies. She uses the very best evidence-informed ideas, training, events, and practice-led support to help those she works with to be their very best, especially in leadership and human relationships.