Parliamentary staff training – Realise your potential (and budget)

According to the MP’s expenses watchdog, IPSA, the training budget for MPs and their staff has been largely underused. Over this past year, only £60k was listed as training expenditure, significantly down on the previous year, despite office budgets increasing. Are MPs and their staff simply unaware what training budget is available to them?

The traditional definition of politics is ‘the art and science of government’, and like most skills it requires practice and development. Just like any sport, politics is a competition. Like art, politics requires talent and a creative eye. However, those who work in politics, it seems, do not focus on self-development, or keen to acquire the skills and behaviours needed in effective political leadership.

To truly excel in politics you cannot simply second-guess the future, or proceed with an assumption that you know all there is to know already. This is why continual professional development (CPD) or coaching is necessary. From coaching MPs or candidates, to the ever-important parliamentary and constituency staff, the value of development cannot be overstated enough.

Below is a graph visualising the training expenditure since 2010. As you can see it largely remains under £100,000 – a fraction of the total training budget.

The mechanics of Parliament – such as how a Bill is passed, how to run an office, or what an MP does day-to-day is vitally important to anyone even considering working in politics. But have you thought about skills like campaigning (both in-person and digital), interpreting data, speech writing or effective communication, which are also some of the many other facets that are an essential aspect of the job?

So what is “political coaching”? How does it avoid crossing over that line into “party political activity” which would close off funding?

All MPs run campaigns, usually on behalf of groups of concerned residents. This is not party political, but about standing up for constituents and their interests. Nevertheless, it is still a campaign that needs to be organised, planned and managed – and College Green Group Academy’s coaching sessions can provide the support you need to run a successful campaign. 

Political coaching is for anyone that is impacted by the political world and would like to maximise themselves within it. Coaching connects the person with performance, empowering them to improve through a process of listening, questioning, and constructive challenges. Studies have shown that at least 70% of those who receive coaching see increased self-confidence, improved performance, interpersonal relationships and communication skills – qualities that are sure to enhance the inner workings of an MP’s office, and build a reputation for confidence and competence within Parliament.

By breaking the traditional model of classroom-style teaching into smaller modules, College Green Group Academy can provide tailored coaching, addressing specific needs, whilst at the same time keeping the cost low and the time commitment to a minimum. 

The political coaching service includes:

  • A free 15-minute session with one of our political consultants to assess your coaching requirements, and recommend the right expert for you.
  • A coaching programme induction pack.
  • Delivery of the coaching programme with one of our political experts.

Our political coaching programmes start at £100 (plus VAT) per hour – enquire now to find out how we can help you succeed.

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