Political coaching

College Green Group can help you develop your role in Parliament, achieving more for your MP and constituents. We have designed a series of coaching sessions to match the ever-demanding roles of those who support our elected representatives, covering parliamentary procedure, communications and campaigns. 

Delivered one-to-one, either in person or online, our coaches are experienced political professionals who understand not just the mechanics, but also the politics involved in your role. We can also offer bespoke group coaching sessions.


What happens in Parliament
Discover more about the routes open to MPs and their staff to achieve things in Parliament.

How bills get passed
Understand how a Bill progresses through Parliament to become an Act.

Running an MP’s Office
ractical tips on setting up an MPs office, and how to run one.

Basic time management
Organise your time and be effective at work.

Advanced team management
Find out how to run a team of people with differing cultural backgrounds.

Association Management

Managing volunteers
Understand the importance of volunteers and how to manage them.

Running a constituency association
How does a Constituency Association work? How can you get the best out of your Officers and members?

Fundraising for a constituency association
Learn the basics of fundraising for campaigns.

Advanced fundraising
Discover some of the advanced fundraising methods used to build a campaign war chest, including Business or Patron’s Clubs and dealing with high-value donors.

Elections and campaigns

Election basics
Gain an understanding of the legalities underpinning elections, the shape of a campaign, and the data that underpins it.

The structure of government in the UK
Understand the basic structure of government in the UK.

Introduction to campaigns
Learn how to run an effective campaign by understanding the difference between strategy and tactics.

Advanced campaigns
Learn the key factors behind a successful campaign, resource planning, preparation and campaign management.

Basic digital campaigning
Understand the basics of digital campaigning.

Advanced digital campaigning
Making the best use of digital campaigning.

Using data for campaigning – Basics or Advanced
The Electoral Roll; Marked Register; Voting Intentions; Issue Positions and Tags. If these words mean nothing to you, this course is for you.

Talking to voters – Basics or Advanced
Understand all the options available to you to communicate with electors. Discover the secrets of deciding who you need to speak to in your campaign


How to reply to correspondence
Where to find the information you need and how to structure a response to constituents.

How to conduct ministerial meetings
Fully understand what can be achieved and how to approach such meetings.

High level negotiation skills
Learn how to negotiate policy with ministers.

Communicating with your constituency
When communicating with constituents, how do you get your message across swiftly and succinctly.

Basic or advanced speech writing
Learn to structure and prepare a speech, and how to ensure your key points are delivered with impact.

Stress management and mental well-being
Equip yourself with the tools to build confidence and mental health in the workplace.

Dealing with difficult people
Understand the current best practice and guidance on reducing the negative emotional impact of conflicts in the workplace and how to resolve them.

Basic  or advanced constituency communications
Understand the basics of communicating with various groups and communities within a constituency. How to build bridges into hard-to-reach communities within your constituency and what to do if things go wrong.

Effective communication and having difficult conversations
Find out more about how you can address the elephant in the room, and deal with difficult conversations to communicate effectively.

Making the best of your social media presence
The role social media plays, and how to manage your online presence.

Social media platforms
Specific training on what you can do with each of the major social media platforms.