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Why should you attend?

Every company should be headed by an effective board, which is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the company. There should be a clear division of responsibilities between the positions of Chair and Chief Executive, and a balance of executive and non-executive directors that make up the board.

The UK Corporate Governance Code is a guide for effective board practice. Its underlying principles of good corporate governance are accountability, transparency, probity and focus on the sustainable success of the organisation.

No individual can dominate the board’s decision-making, and a careful balance of skills, experience, knowledge and independence is required in order to discharge their duties correctly.

Course features and benefits

This course looks at the director’s role, duties, legal responsibilities and the organisation’s corporate governance. As a result of taking this course, you will be able to go back to the business with the confidence to be able to take on the challenges faced in and out of the boardroom.

Participation in this course will enable you to:

  • Build and run a world-class board
  • Understand the key differences between governance, direction, management and ownership
  • Explain the most important elements of internal control and risk management
  • Understand the company’s legal and regulatory environment
  • Differentiate between the role of Chair, Chief Executive and other board members
  • Succession planning
  • Understand directors’ collective responsibilities as a board
  • Plan and execute a board evaluation
  • Assess levels of risk
  • Manage risk assessment
  • Learn the principles of stakeholder management

Part of our Director Development programme

Our Director Development programme offers a comprehensive and practical experience, created by world-leading board experts that have decades of experience helping business leaders thrive and grow within their current and future roles.

As a director, navigating challenges whilst keeping your business operating legally and effectively can be difficult. Whether you’re an experienced director, or just starting your first appointment, understanding what is expected of you in your role is vital to staying on top of your responsibilities.

You may also meet a diverse range of delegates that operate across private, public and charitable sectors, and so these peer-to-peer learning experiences will offer different perspectives, the ability to network and share similar challenges with real-world outcomes.

We work in an ever-changing environment, so we offer all of the modules in our programme in a virtual or face-to-face capacity.

Role of the Company Director - course outline

This course will cover the following:

Section 1 – Corporate governance 

  • Corporate Governance – what is it? 
  • Corporate Governance Codes, and their relevance to your business
  • Differences in governance, direction, management and ownership 
  • Effective internal control 

Section 2 – The company’s legal environment 

  • Features of a company 
  • Disclosure of information and reporting requirements 
  • The legal environment 

Section 3 – The director’s role 

  • Directors’ duties 
  • Types of directors and roles on the board
  • Appointment of directors 
  • Induction and succession planning 
  • Leadership 
  • Personal Effectiveness

Section 4 – Board structure, operations and practice 

  • Role and tasks of the board 
  • Best practice principles 
  • Delegation to management 
  • Board cadence
  • Conducting board meetings
  • Board evaluation

Section 5 – Strategic Risk Evaluation and Management 

  • Principles of risk management 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Risk appetite
  • Risk reporting 

Section 6 – Stakeholder Management 

  • The concept of stakeholder management
  • Stakeholder mapping 
  • Effective Communications 
  • Managing conflicts

Duration and dates

2 days 
Virtual dates: 30-31 May
Face-to-face dates: 28-29 November

Course leader - Jo Haigh

Jo Haigh is a CEO and an experienced dealmaker, a regular presenter on corporate governance, and specialist with mergers and acquisitions for prestigious organisations across the UK and Europe.

Winner of many awards including The Sunday Times NED of the Year award in 2013, she has been best-selling author of books such as “Keys to the Boardroom” and “How to be a world-class Non-Executive Director”. 

Jo also founded OnBoarding Officers, an accelerated non-executive director programme specifically for senior military officers. She also provides board support via her NED and Chair appointments across England and the Isle of Man.

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