College Green Group founder, Thomas Borwick, explains why the business is expanding into Professional Development

This week, my colleagues and I launch an exciting new venture, College Green Group Professional Development – a specialised C-Suite training and coaching service designed to cater for both business leaders and politicians. On our launch week, I wanted to take this opportunity to outline why I have decided to expand into this area, and also introduce Peter Pickin, our incoming Director of Professional Development.

Through our new Professional Development division, I am keen to create a series of courses with peer-to-peer practical sessions, which are facilitated using a range of interactive tools which maximise on skills development, engagement and learning applications such as case studies, feedback and problem solving. Our expert tutors are business leaders themselves, so will be bringing many years of experience into the course delivery – and hopefully this will enable delegates to build their confidence through these practical sessions.

I was fortunate enough to be on the board of an investment company and attended board meetings from a very young age. As such I have seen many different board rooms and management styles in action, and am always amazed that so much of what makes a person great at a board meeting is not what they were taught at school or pick up in their companies but how they apply it to the meeting and job role that they are in now. Having spent the last 10 years of my life creating the political leaders of the world, I now want to take this ability to help upskill leaders and bring it to the corporate world. I know that with the right guidance and a strong network with peer to peer development and support, everyone can achieve their potential and reach the success that they deserve. 

A good training programme needs to both empower and inform, with equal parts practical knowledge as much as theoretical understanding. I learn by doing and I know many people are faced with reams of best practice and not enough applications of the skills that they need to learn and we will ensure that our students not only have the toolkit but have also been empowered to practice and use that to create continued success. 

The process of government is an ongoing and challenging environment that will only continue to become more fragmented and divisive as the rise of social media and mob anger has been allowed to perpetuate. Through our courses, we aim to ensure that those who are the cogs of democracy perform at the very best that they can and have the skills and equipment to manage the political challenges that they face. It is no longer enough to just be great at your job, at College Green Group Professional Development we aim to instill the awareness of how doing your job will improve the world that we all work in.

For business focussed courses, we believe that Professional Development is valuable at all stages of one’s career, and have courses in place to assist those currently aspiring to be a director, or already in position. To be a director requires a broad range of knowledge and skills, from governance to finance, negotiation to presentation, interpersonal skills and inspirational leadership. We will focus on giving participants an understanding of how principles can be applied in a practical sense to deliver value within their organisations. Our tutors will encourage full participation so that the principles taught become directly relevant and applicable.

As expert political and campaign consultants my team and I are exceptionally well placed to deliver high-level training for politicians. To lead the Professional Development division and manage the delivery of our business focussed courses I am pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Pickin as our Director of Professional Development. For the last 18 years Peter has worked with business leaders, providing tailored solutions for both themselves and their organisation, helping to promote best practice and professionalism both within and beyond the boardroom.

Our courses will cover seven specialist areas – Governance, Strategy, Finance, Leadership, Crisis Management, Essential Skills and Executive Coaching.

Please contact Peter and his team today with any questions about our upcoming courses. All information, course outlines and prices can be viewed here on College Green Group Professional Development website.

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